Chocolate Covered Giraffes

  • Prep-Time 15 Mins
  • Servings 6


  • Sun-Maid Chocolate Yogurt Covered Raisins
  • Bananas
  • Shaved almonds
  • Candy eye sprinkles
  • Peanut butter


  • 1

    Peel and cut bottom inch off banana.

  • 2

    Place both pieces of the banana in plastic bag and freeze overnight.

  • 3

    Remove from freezer and lay frozen pieces out on cutting board.

  • 4

    NOTE: Be prepared to carry out following steps as quickly as possible because as the banana softens, it gets more difficult to work with. Feel free to stick banana back in the freezer at any point during the steps below to firm before serving.

  • 5

    Slice a piece of banana from the small end to make a quarter sized sliver.

  • 6

    Spread peanut butter on sliver as an adhesive and apply to the large banana piece once inch below the tip – this will be the giraffe’s nose & mouth.

  • 7

    Insert shaved almond pieces on each side of the banana, just above the sliver “nose” piece.

  • 8

    Use peanut butter to apply Sun-Maid Dark Chocolate Yogurt Covered Raisins as the giraffe’s spots.

  • 9

    Make sure to set aside smaller chocolate pieces to apply at the tip of the banana for horns.

  • 10

    Apply candy eyes using peanut butter just above the quarter piece and ENJOY!